Read what some of our student have to say about Campus Alberta Central.

Shannel Boon, Drumheller

As a busy mother of three, Shannel Boon has always been passionate about caring for others.  In January 2017, she decided to turn her passion into her profession when she enrolled in the Health Care Aide program offered through Campus Alberta Central.

“Caring for people is something that I’ve done all my life,” she describes, “and I thought I might as well get the education to support an area that has always been a huge part of who I am.”

For Shannel, her decision to return to school at this stage of life was influenced by tragedy, as she unexpectedly lost her husband in August of 2016.  “When he passed away, I started to consider how I might need to make a change to support my children and to create a new career path for me.”

The Health Care Aide program, offered in her hometown of Drumheller, was the perfect fit for her lifestyle and goals.  “The location was crucial for me, I had been looking at options in other communities, but I didn’t want to have to travel as that would impact my kids, and it could become very challenging in the winter,” she says.  “A program that could have been out-of-reach became an opportunity for me, because it was offered where I live.”

Once she began her courses, Shannel found tremendous benefit in learning from her two experienced instructors, located in Drumheller.  She also connected with her classmates through in-class and practical learning, and she looks forward to applying her skills in her month-long clinical experience.  “The hands-on and clinical components are such valuable parts of this program,” she says.  “Now, working in a care setting, it means so much to know that I can help people and make their days a little brighter.”

Looking to her future, Shannel feels confident that her decision to pursue her Health Care Aide Certificate was the right choice, and she has the long-term goal of continuing her education to attain her Nursing designation.  “you can never be scared to learn something new or to start down a new path,” she says.  “I have loved and learned and grown so much from this experience.”


Chance Thoreson

chance-thoresonChance Thoreson started the Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) program offered by Olds College in Rocky Mountain House to get a first-hand opportunity to run big equipment that transforms the landscape. After graduating from high school, Chance worked for a few years for a company in the oil and gas sector, but felt he wanted a new challenge and a job that would have ongoing opportunities.

Chance found out about this local opportunity from his grandpa who had been looking at program information on-line. The price for the program was very reasonable compared to private providers and included in the program were a number of industry tickets like WHMIS and first aide.  “One of the best things about it”, says Chance, “is that it is close to my home in Eckville which makes it easy to participate.”

Chance loves the challenge of doing the job to the exact specifications that are required for the project. He likes the fact that he gets to meet new people and work outside. “This is an awesome program with great instructors”, says Chance, “I would encourage anyone interested in working in this area to take it.”