What We Do

We are the voice of your Community

Education has the power to open doors, but let’s be honest…sometimes the constraints of time and distance have a way of making your goals feel out of reach.

Campus Alberta Central (CAC) is the connection between rural learners and their learning goals. We are a joint venture between Olds College and Red Deer College, operating as Campus Alberta Central.

The Partnership

The needs of adult learners are unique. Commitments of children and family; jobs; community; and busy lives can limit education opportunities.

Especially if the learners do not live in the cities where the colleges are located.

This is why Olds College and Red Deer College came together to form a partnership. Instead of expecting learners to move to them, why not take the learning opportunities to the learners? And CAC was born…

CAC offers various post-secondary programs and courses to adult learners in the many communities of Central Alberta. By working with the local Learning Sites, students are able to access classes in their own communities and from their own homes, with assistance. They are not left on their own to figure it out—there is community support and face-to-face help available.

This connection and personal contact in the communities is what makes CAC successful for the learners.

Learn in your own Community

Technology is a beautiful thing, especially when it makes life a little easier. Easy access to education is no exception.

CAC has formed unique partnerships with existing community-based learning organizations as well as a number of post-secondary institutions, allowing access to accredited post-secondary programs and courses in communities throughout Central Alberta.

It’s time to be proactive in your educational goals, so we invite you to register for one of our career-motivating programs today.

See our current program list here!