Governance Team

Joel Ward is the President and CEO of Red Deer College.  Joel is currently chair of the Governance Team.

Stuart Cullum is President and CEO of Olds College, and serves as Vice Chair for Campus Alberta Central.

Mona Crocker, Community Member, Rocky Mountain House.  Mona is the Executive Director of the Rocky Community Learning Council and has served on the Campus Alberta Central Governance Team since 2014.

Angela Aalbers, Representative of Mountain View County.  Angela has an extensive background in Chemical Engineering, is Councillor for Mountain View County.

Chad Bunch, Community Member, Rocky Mountain House.  Chad is a professional Engineer and the Vice President of Bunch Projects located in Clearwater County.

Lawrence Hrycan,  Community Member, Lacombe.  In additional to his work on the CAC Governance Team, Lawrence serves on a number of other boards including the Strategic Planning Committee for the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association.

Coleen Gordon CPA, CGA, Community Member, Drumheller.  Coleen is an accountant and board member of the Drumheller Community Learning Society.

 Barb Murray,  Community Member, Drumheller.  Barb has worked for many years as a post-secondary instructor and is a current member of the Drumheller Community Learning Society.

Mark Fox, Community Member, Stettler.  Mark holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and is currently a member of the Stettler Adult Learning Council.

Shirley Cire, Community Member, Ponoka.  Shirley works at Parkland Regional Library.

Rachele Peters, Associate Member and Community Member, Village of Caroline.